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Fully Wired Electrical Services has been committed to maintaining electrical safety compliance for Body Corporate’s across Brisbane since 2008. We have an in-depth understanding of what is required and the technical knowledge to act on the behalf of you and your owners.

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    Regular Scheduled Assistance
    Feel at ease and let us take care of the electrical compliance.

    The Australian Standards require all communal property to have regular testing and inspections to ensure electrical compliance.


    Let Fully Wired Electrical Services take care of all of the electrical safety requirements for your Body Corporates, therefore reducing your liabilities as a manager. We use our scheduling system to ensure work is completed when due, and manage directly with the onsite contacts so you don’t have to. As a result, you and your Body Corporates will have peace of mind that the responsibilities are met, and the occupants have a safer electrical environment.


    Body Corporate Electrical Compliance Services which we can manage the scheduling on your behalf:


    1   Emergency Lighting – 6 monthly

      Legislation: AS/NZS 2293.2:1995

    2   Communal Smoke Alarm Test – 12 monthly

      Legislation: AS 3786:1993 and AS 1851-2012

    3   Switchboard Inspections – 2 yearly

      Legislation: AS 3019:2007

    4   Communal Safety Switch Test – 2 yearly

      Legislation: AS/NZS 3760:2010

    5   Communal Lighting and Seasonal Timer Adjustment

      Safety and Insurance Recommendation


    How it works:

    1. A Compliance Quote is provided to the Body Corporate Manager with an outline of what regular services can be provided by Fully Wired. The prices per service is FIXED for an agreed time period.
    2. Approval is received from the Owners
    3. Fully Wired completes all overdue or non compliance services immediately, then schedules all other works to be completed as per the Australian Standards
    4. Fully Wired completed the work as per the required dates and provide reports and any failed items or issues back to the Body Corporate Manager


    RESULT: A completely compliant Body Corporate Building!!

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    Your Electrical Strata Specialists 

    Fully Wired Electrical Services is a proud member of the SCA

    We have been focused on electrical safety and maintenance since 2008, and can assist in any body corporate electrical installation, maintenance or compliance.

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