What is Thermal Imaging and how does it work?

By utilising infrared technology we are able to see what can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Specifically, our unique cameras detect temperature anomalies that are often referred to as “hot spots” in the electrical system and appear in various colours. These “hot spots” can become electrical faults, which once identified, can be rectified before imminent or future breakdowns and/or catastrophic failures occur.

Thermal Imaging is a crucial element when investigating electrical power capacity and switchboards. Our electricians are trained in using thermal cameras and interoperating the thermal images.
It is highly recommended that every switchboard whether it be at your home, business, apartment block or warehouse be inspected every 24mths by a qualified and experience electrician.
Switchboard Maintenance and Thermal Imaging provided by specialist electricians throughout Brisbane for the Body Corporate and Strata Community