Still feeling the cold? Spring is many weeks away and with the recent increase in electricity costs, there are a few new habits you can create around heating your home which will keep help!

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Using your reverse cycle air conditioner is a great way to quickly heat a room to make it feel nice and warm – especially in those dark cold mornings! Once the house begins to feel toasty, you might turn it off, only to have the temperature drop again in the evening, resulting you needing to turn it back on again.

Even though this might feel like you are saving energy to turn on and off only when you are feeling really cold, it is actually making your air conditioner work harder than it needs too. Each time you turn it on, it creates an energy spike which in turn only adds to your bill.

Best way to save money? 

The best way to save money and still warm your home is to set your AC  to approximately 7 or 8 degrees warmer than outside. Use the timing functions to keep the heat flowing for longer periods and avoid turning it off and on. The result? A happier, warmer home with less demand on your wallet.


Smaller Portable Heaters

The smaller portable heaters found in a home or office don’t work the same as larger reverse cycle air conditioners. The best advice for these machines is to only have turned on for short times. Switching them on and off doesn’t affect your electricity costs as much.

Be careful though, these smaller heaters can be a more expensive long term solution. Make sure you are checking their power efficiency ratings and choose the right one for you. If you are finding they are needed for longer periods, let’s discuss your options around a reverse cycle air conditioner as an investment in your comfort and long term energy costs.


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