Unit Complex Switchboard Upgrade – Sumner Park

Commerical Unit Complex Switchboard Upgrade – Sumner Park.

Upgrading switchboards within a unit complex for a commercial body corporate is crucial to ensuring efficient and reliable communication and power distribution within the complex. It enhances overall system performance, minimises downtime, and enables the integration of advanced technologies to meet the growing demands of the interconnected network.

Project details:

Our electrical team completed a large switchboard upgrade in Sumner Park, which consisted of seven units. The existing board was large and outdated, meaning it no longer complied with Australian standards. We recommended a switchboard upgrade to the body corporate to provide better power capacity, safety, compliance and newer more reliable fixtures.

There were many factors involved with completing this upgrade, such as organising multiple metre exchanges for the polyphase metre upgrade. This was required due to the age of the current 3-phase metres. Energex was also required to isolate the power onsite due to the site being fed from a transformer.

After a long day and a lot of teamwork, the 7-unit upgrade was completed, leaving the clients exceptionally happy with our work!

Location: Sumner Park, West Brisbane


Approx Project Cost: $35,000 + GST

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