Power points are a very common electrical item that is in every home. 

An electrical power point is an electrical socket that can be mounted or recessed into the wall. This allows for electrical equipment to be plugged in and connected to the electricity supply. 

There are many different types and styles of power points that can be used for multiple usages and items. Most brands off different styles and “skins” which change the colour and look of the power point to better suit the room. 

Single power point –  usually used for appliance specific locations for example fridges, microwaves, dishwashers etc. 

Double power point –   the most common power point used in homes and offices as it allows more than one electrical appliance to be plugged in at a time and installed throughout the building.

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Weatherproof power point – used for any external areas in which you might need power and may be exposed to the outdoor elements. The design of the weatherproof power point is to ensure the water cannot pass through, ensuring a reliable and safe power supply in your outdoor areas.


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