Why choose Electric Vehicles?

Many Australians are choosing to go electric wherever possible. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • Good for the environment – EVs product zero emissions, therefore reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Each vehicle therefore has a lower carbon footprint thanks to the generation of electricity becoming cleaner and cleaner, especially in areas such as solar and wind.
  • Lower running costs – The household budget is getting tight. Finding ways to save money for the family is a very big reason more Australians are swapping to EV.
  • A nicer drive – Electric vehicles are super quiet!! They don’t smell, and they offer a very smooth drive. Most of the luxury car brands now produce sporty models which offer their customers instant torque and the feeling of speed.

  • A healthier community – A combination of taking care of the environment, but also taking care of each other is a human basic need. By reducing our impact on our local communities by reducing the pollution that our children breath in each day, we can feel we are helping now, as well as in the future.
  • Government Incentives – Our government is also onboard with all things EV! They are giving home and business owners the opportunity to cash in on incentives when purchasing new electric vehicles. Industry leaders expect that the government will only provide more financial support in the future to keep encouraging this new, greener, mode of transportation.
  • Convenience – With Electric Vehicles, you get to have your very own charging station, in the comfort of your very own home! The convenience of being able to come home, plug your EV in while in your garage, and have a full charge in the morning could even be the # 1 reason for owners. It doesn’t matter if you live in a unit block, apartment or townhouse, we can work with your body corporate to get a charger solution to help everyone.