10yrs of loyalty, workmanship, customer service, expertise and dedication!

We are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone with Liam, who has now been a part of Fully Wired for an impressive 10 years!

Since joining us in 2014, Liam has become a crucial part of our company. With a keen eye for all things technical, Liam oversees our field team with precision, ensuring that every project runs smoothly and efficiently. Beyond his work in the field, Liam also provides support to our office staff, tackling any technical issues that arise and ensuring that our operations are always running at their best.

Liam’s commitment and hard work have contributed to the success of countless projects over the past decade. His technical expertise and problem-solving skills have made him an irreplaceable asset to our team.

We are incredibly grateful for Liam’s dedication and the positive impact he has had on Fully Wired. Please join us in congratulating Liam on this remarkable 10-year milestone. Here’s to many more years of success!

Thank you, Liam, for everything you do. We look forward to continuing to achieve great things together.

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