Main Switchboard Upgrade – Unit Complex in St Lucia

Upon a completion of a switchboard compliance inspection, a switchboard upgrade was performed for a unit block in St Lucia.

Like many older unit blocks throughout St Lucia, the main switchboard was no longer in a safe state and was missing some key aspects, therefore not compliant with today’s electrical safety standards.

Our switchboard specialist electricians identified some of the following issues:

  • The switchboard had no capacity for extra circuits
  • The meters were mounted on non-fire rated material
  • The meter panel did not comply with the new Queensland Electricity and Metering Manual (QEMM)
  • There was no safety switch on the community lights
  • Circuit identification is faded/incorrect
  • The main switch is not a protective device. It is recommended to replace with an over-current protective circuit breaker to protect the consumer mains from overloading


Location: St Lucia, Brisbane

Project Cost: Approx $12,000 +GST

Original Main Switchboard

New Upgraded Main Switchboard








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