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    Data and Internet

    We’ve never been more connected! Most families and businesses have multiple computers and even more portable devices than ever before. When not set up correctly, wireless can sometimes be problematic and slow.


    Our data point and network cabling services:

    • Home (Domestic) data centre installation – access to the internet is a large necessity to the home. Installing a data centre within your home means it allows the homeowner to govern data points throughout the house. This provides the owner the freedom to change the data access within the house.
    • Business and Commercial Data point installation – data points are required for computers, printers, scanners and other network devices. Installing of data points are basically the same method for within a home or office, other than the quality.
    • Large data cabinets (Business and Commercial) – businesses and larger offices require multiple data points, which need to be housed carefully and systematically. Installing a large data cabinet – with multiple patch panels – allows for a business to store the data connections and expand with more as required.
    • Units and Townhouses (Residential) data and communications – A Main Distribution Frame (MDF) houses the network suppliers main cable (e.g Telstra), from which each unit is wired. Once the unit is connected, the number of data and communication points can be customised to suit the owner.

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