Smoke Alarm Tests

Smoke alarms are a vital part of safety in a body corporate complex! Having smoke alarms in various locations around the common areas will allow for fast and effective fire detection, possibly saving lives. The Fully Wired Electrical team can help you find the perfect smoke alarm solution for your body corporate complex, along with providing regular smoke alarm testing services.

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    Smoke Alarm Test
    Don’t get caught out, ensure your communal smoke alarms work!

    Communal smoke alarms are the same as within homes, but are placed within the common areas.


    Legislation – If there is a smoke alarm/s in your Body Corporate common areas, then this legislation applies to you.


    From the Queensland Fire and Rescue Services – Queensland Government website:


    “In a body corporate situation, who is responsible for installing smoke alarms?


    The individual lot owner (unit owners) is responsible for inside the four walls of the unit. The body corporate is responsible for installing smoke alarms in the common areas of the building.” 


    What is the definition of testing / checking the smoke alarm (hard wired and/or battery operated)?


    Under Australian Standard (AS 3786-1993) a smoke alarm (hard wired and battery) must contain a self test facility that mechanically or electronically simulates the presence of smoke in the sensing assembly. In most cases this is a button on the alarm that is depressed for a short period – if it sounds then the test is positive. Use of canned smoke is an additional test that can be used for additional assurance. Some agents and contractors use this method as well as the button test, but this is in addition to the legal requirements.”


    AS 1851-2012 – Refers to the routine maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment requirements for common areas on a regular basis. Testing and inspection by a qualified technician is recommended based on this standard.


    Why is a Smoke Alarm Test important?

    • Gives peace of mind
    • Takes away the risk from the BC Manager and Owners
    • Regular scheduled visits allows for smaller issues to be identified and fixed quickly, before they become bigger and more costly to rectify.
    • Smoke alarms have expiry dates and it is the responsibility of the Body Corporate to ensure the smoke alarm is replaced/serviced BEFORE it expires. The maximum lifespan for a smoke alarm is 10 years, however they often do not last that long.


    What our service includes:

    • Test, inspection and report every 12 months
    • Conduct smoke test and check audio output to ensure decibel level reaches 90dB
    • Replace 9volt batteries as required
    • Inspect smoke alarm fitting to ensure still within expiry date
    • Remove and clean away any debris or obstruction around smoke alarms

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