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Your switchboard upgrade specialists since 2012. From small unit block upgrades to multi-Highrise office block and apartments building upgrades, we can do it all. Our extensive experience takes all the hassle out of the project for you. This includes liaising with body corporate and building managers, unit owners and tenants, sub-contractors and Energex to ensure your project is run as efficiently as possible.

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    Switchboards are the central hub of all power – is your switchboard to standard?

    Fully Wired Electrical can help with all your electrical switchboard inspections and upgrades. A switchboard is where all the meters and circuit protection are housed and is integral to your safety and electricity supply. Over time the electrical standards have dramatically changed resulting in many switchboards that do not comply with the current standards. Whilst you may not be required to upgrade to the new standards, you should consider your switchboard like an old car, it may still work but does not have all the safety features of a new one!

    An inspection with Fully Wired Electrical can determine the state of your switchboard and provide expert advice on what you can do to increase the safety of your supply. 

    10 reasons why you need to upgrade your safety switch board

    The switchboard is in poor condition and can result in loose electrical components and exposed live parts.

    Ceramic fuses or older circuit breakers (more than 15years old) are still being used.

    Extensions or additions of your home or business where the switchboard load needs to be increased. This may result in the switchboard becoming overloaded if it is not upgraded.

    The switchboard has no capacity for extra circuits on the existing enclosure.

    The meters or switchboard are mounted on non-fire rated material.

    The meter panel does not comply with the new Queensland Electricity and Metering Manual (QEMM) and is recommended to be upgraded to the new standards.

    The switchboard is partly constructed of asbestos and it is recommended to be removed.

    The main switch is not an over current protective device.

    The earth protection is non-compliant to today’s standards.

    To reduce the risk of electrical fires as the switchboard will have been upgraded to the current safety standards, which include the required safety switches and circuit protection.

    Check out some of our completed switchboard upgrades below

    Project name: Ballymore Towers

    Number of units: 48

    Cost of upgrade: $80,000



    Project name: Parkhurst Court

    Number of units: 8

    Cost of upgrade: $11,000



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