Electrical & Data Project 1- Carina IGA Switchboard

Consumer Mains and Switchboard Upgrade and Re-location to a commercial complex in Carina

Location: Chris’ IGA Carina, Brisbane
Investment: $25,000

Challenge: The business centre comprised of three commercial tenancies. One of which was a bakery, where the required power usage was greater than what the existing switchboard could handle. Due to this there was a recurring loss of power causing loss of revenue to all businesses.

Solution: To rectify this issue we used a current data logger across all tenancies to record the exact power usage over 3 days. This information was then graphed out and used to determine the most economical yet reliable solution. The decision was made to upgrade the consumer mains from an existing pad mount transformer and to re-locate and install a new commercial switchboard. The new supply allowed for a 200A capacity and the main switch board was custom built for the job. Not only was this job a challenge technically, but logically we had to co-ordinate with the owners of the building, all 3 tenants and various departments within Energex. The job was eventually completed on a Sunday night to minimise disruption to the commercial tenants.

Result: There has been no further power loss to the complex and each tenancy has a safer electrical installation as the switchboard is fully compliant with the Australian Standards.


Chris' Super IGA Carina