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Fully Wired Electrical can help with all your general electrical needs. From power points, safety switches, TV points and data outlets, to resolving any general electrical problems such as tripping and power loss. No matter what your electrical needs are, give the Fully Wired team a call and we will help you out.

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    General Power and Communications

    Need a new power point? New safety switch? New TV or phone point? Maybe you need all of them! Or maybe you need to have the fault rectified that keeps causing you power loss? Fully Wired are so diverse with our skills we’ve got you covered for all your electrical needs.


    Fault Finding – Finding why an appliance or electrical circuit isn’t working is almost like needing xray vision! Our Fully Wired Electricians are the closest thing to a super hero as they have the experience and power circuit knowledge to go through the right processes to find any electrical fault you may have. Want to know more about how we conduct electrical fault finding? Give us a call today on 1300 38 55 99


    3 Phase Power – A 3 Phase Power switchboard is a specialised switchboard which allows an increased load with smaller cable size, and is also a requirement for use of large equipment which require this type of power – eg motors, ducted air-conditioning and rural water pumps. If you want to discuss


    Consumer mains upgrades – When renovating or modernising a home, the electrical capacity can not be enough to allow for all your new lights and gadgets to work. That’s when you need the help of one of our Fully Wired Electricians to investigate your needs and potentially upgrade the cable capacity which runs from your home to out on the street. Give us a call today on 1300 38 55 99 and we will come and meet with you to discuss your options at no cost.


    Safety switch installations – We all know safety switches are important in our home, office or building, but exactly how many do we need? and do we have enough? Is often the harder questions. Our expert and friendly electricians can visit your home and review your switchboard to ensure you have the right protection from any electrical faults, unique to your home and the circuits you require.

    Power Points – Most people think power points are boring – Not Us!! We install power points every day, and understand how important they are to our every day life. Power points don’t have to just be plain, but can come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit the surrounding interiors. Need a new powerpoint installed or relocated? Or simply to replace the fitting with a new clean cover? Call our team to make a suitable time for us to visit 1300 38 55 99.


    Ceiling and exhaust fans – Living in South East Queensland, we get to enjoy warm days almost 365 days a year! Installing a sleek, modern ceiling or exhaust fan can help keep your home or office cool and comfortable. Contact our team to make a time for a free quote on


     Hot water and Spa connection – Don’t get left out in the cold, let us come help connect your Hot Water system or new Spa quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy the warm water sooner rather than later. Leave your details with us and we will take care of everything you need


    TV, Phone – Installation or relocation of TV ariels and Phone points are usually quick and easy, and make life that little bit easier for you. Make a time for our electrical team to visit your home today! Email our electricians on

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