Air Conditioning – Get The Expert Electricians To Help You Cool Or Heat Your Home!

Air Conditioning is a necessity for life in Brisbane and South East Queensland, especially in summer! Fully Wired Electricians help you to determine the most efficient and economical air conditioner to suit your bedroom or living area of your home. 

Mounted Wall Split Air Conditioners – What Are They?

Most homes in Australia will have a wall mounted split system air conditioner installed. This is the most cost effective way to heat or cool the space for most families. The indoor unit is mounted on a wall in the room and it is attached to the unit housed outside. The system is usually positioned in the best place to allow for optimum air flow for the room.  Split system air conditioners are also the unit of choice for bedroom areas in the home as they tend to be quieter yet powerful option, providing quick comfort without the noise.

The common areas a mounted wall split air conditioner would be installed include:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Garage
  • Sleep out
  • Home office
  • Rumpus room

Many of the split system air conditioners have additional features which home owners may find appealing. These include WiFi, motion sensors, inverter technology (varies speed and temperature to maintain efficiency), cooling only or reverse cycle (heating and cooling).

When installing an air conditioner of any size, it is important to consider the following:

  • Room Size – The bigger the room, the more powerful the air conditioner needs to be to cool or heat sufficiently. Eg 3m x 3m bedroom = 2.5KW, 7m x 7m living room = 7 to 8 KW (These are just estimates, please discuss your situation with your electrician)
  • Current Power Capacity – Ensure your existing switchboard has enough space to include the circuit required for a new air conditioner. Make sure this is checked out as it could be an unexpected additional cost!
  • Location of Air Conditioner Units – Positioning of the internal and external parts of the unit can impact on the overall cost. Our expert electrician will discuss with you the most cost effective way to install the air conditioner, as well as keeping aesthetics of any visible conduit. The location of the room in relation to other rooms/walls will also determine the positioning of the units. The location might result in the system being installed high on a wall, out a window, or floor mounted.
  • Noise – The level of noise an air conditioner unit emits can impact the choice you make. For a bedroom, too much noise may impact your sleep or conversation, and there are sometimes noise restrictions within common properties such as Body Corporates. The size, make and model (and therefore budget) can help to reduce the noise level.

Using Brands You Know And Trust


At Fully Wired, we pride ourselves on only choosing to work with established and well known brands, so that our customers can have peace of mind. This is why we have chosen Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as our preferred Air Conditioners.



The two product types we supply and install for our customers are:

Avanti Air Conditioner – Suitable for smaller areas, heating and cooling 2.5kW to 5kW

Bronte Air Conditioner – Suitable for larger areas, heating and cooling. 6.3kW to 9.5kW

Please visit their website for more information:


We also understand that some of our customers are on tighter budget constraints, so for this we offer Gree Cozy Air Conditioners. These wall mounted systems are good for heating and cooling and perfect for single zone areas such as bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms, sunrooms etc. They range between 2.6kW to 8kW. Gree is a global company and widely used across Australia and New Zealand.




Already have an air conditioner you want us to install? That’s easy too – we can just install any new  air conditioner or replace an existing one in your home or office.



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