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Whether you’re a home owner, or managing a business, Fully Wired Electrical provides the experience you need to take care of all your electrical and data needs.


LED light Installation

Planning and installing amazing lighting is where trade and design meet. It can really lift the ambience of a home, or create a positive environment in the work place. With our expert advice we will design your layout and offer energy-efficient solutions that keep operational costs down.

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General Power and Communications


Need a new power point? New safety switch? New TV or Air conditioner installed? Maybe you need all of them! Or maybe you need to have the fault rectified that keeps causing you power loss? Fully Wired are so diverse with our skills we’ve got you covered for all your electrical needs.

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Data and Internet

Communication Map10

We’ve never been more connected! Most families and businesses have multiple computers and even more portable devices than ever before. When not set up correctly, wireless can sometimes be problematic and slow.

Let our professional electricians help you with your data and internet needs. Please select any of the following data and internet services to find out more:


Electrician at work

Switchboards are a great safety net, however they become old and if not maintained they can be unsafe and prone to fire damage. They are often not compliant with today’s standards and are missing basic safety features such as safety switches and poor earthing.

Is it time to upgrade your switchboard?

When we upgrade a switchboard you can be sure it will have all the latest safety features such as fire protection, circuit overload and earth leakage protection, protective earthing and more. It will be installed strictly to the Australian Standards and also to Energex requirements. You will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are now better protected.

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Smoke Alarms

Rich -Smoke alarm safety Experts

Smoke alarms save lives – do you know if you are protected? Fully Wired Electrical has been installing, testing and replacing smoke alarms since 2008 in homes, offices and body corporate buildings.

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Air Conditioning

Aircon Install Mac

Air Conditioners are commonly used in our Brisbane homes to cool and warm us throughout the year. The size and the use of the room determines the kW power best suited for the space.

Our electricians can visit your home or office and discuss your requirements and recommend an air conditioning solution that is right for you.

Please select any of the below air conditioning services to find out more:

  • Bedroom/small room air conditioners
  • Living room air conditioners
  • Mounted and wall split air conditioners